Raining Blood

Blinding Radiance skill icon

AP iconAP icon

Create blood surfaces. Set bleeding on enemies. Douse fire surfaces.


skill effect icon Set Bleeding for 2 turn(s).

​​skill requirement icon Requires Necromancer 1

​​skill requirement icon Requires Hydrosophist 1

​​skill requirement icon Requires 1 Memory slot

pysical resist icon Physical Armor Resist

clock icon Cooldown: 5 round(s)


pysical resist icon Necromancer

Skillbook Recipe

Skillbook Water + Skillbook Necromancy

Blank Skillbook Necromancy + Rain of Blood Scroll


Scroll Recipe




Can be found in Fort Joy on Orivand's desk. You can enter Fort joy with Gloves of Teleportation by teleporting onto the ledge of fort joy and kicking down the ladder near Mona's Hut. In order to open the Gate, you will have to obtain the Migster's key that can be obtained from Magister Yarrow during The Murderous Gheist quest. To get into Orivand's Chambers you will need a key which can be obtained by killing Orivand himself.

Skills Necromancer