Pressure Spike

Blinding Radiance skill icon

AP icon

Condense all cloud surfaces in the area. Deals air damage to enemies and douses fire.


skill effect icon Damage is based on your level and receives a bonus from Intelligence.

​​skill requirement icon Requires Aerotheurge 2

​​skill requirement icon Requires 1 Memory slot

skill requirement icon Range: 13m Range

pysical resist icon Physical Armor Resist

clock icon Cooldown: 3 round(s)


pysical resist icon Aerotheurge

Pressure Spike is an Aerotheurge Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.

Skillbook Recipe

  • Blank Skillbook Air + Pressure Spike Scroll

Scroll Recipe

  • Sheet Of Paper + High Quality Air Essence + Handkerchief
  • Sheet Of Paper + Alien Air Essence + Handkerchief


  • Sold by Trader Ovis - Driftwood








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