• Withermoore's Soul Jar is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain it from Withermoore in the cavern
  • Suggested level: 4




  • Mody
  • Withermoore


Ancient Stone Hatch

  1. Talk to Mody in the caverns and play hide and seek.
  2. Dig up the mound that was revealed where you found Mody the second time.
  3. Get down the hatch and talk to Withermoore.
  4. Pull the spear out of his chest ( requires a minimum of 13? strength).
  5. Free his soul and he will tell you about a secret trap-door at the shrine in Fort Joy.
  6. You Will find a Waypoint in this underground area.
  7. Open the door to the prison by pulling the secret lever at on your left-hand side.
  8. get up the stairs and to teh right you will find a lever that opens a secret hatch under an altar.
  9. Following the passage will lead you to a room filled with different Withermoore Soul Jars.
  10. break the Soul Jar that says Withermoore the Supplicant. This will free Withermore and end the quest