Essential Tips For Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • First timers should pick a default class and pick an origin story.

  • The Pet Pal talent is a very powerful talent that gives you a lot of additional information, options, and xp.

  • If you can, try to complete all quests. Lacking behind in levels will be punished even on the easiest difficulty.

  • You can fast travel to waypoints at any point throughout the game! check the buttons around your minimap!

  • Talk to everybody!

  • Get a bedroll as soon as possible! Healing outside the fights can be costly in the first part of the game. Clicking on a bed heals every character almost instantly.

  • Invest in Persuasion and let that party member do the talking to other NPCs.

  • Invest points in Lucky Charm and let that Character search all the containers.

  • Hit F5 to quick save your game frequently.

  • You should invest a few points in Telekinesis skill.

  • One of your characters should have points in Leadership.

  • Most utility spells (like Teleportation) don't need to scale, meaning having only one point in their respective school gives you access to an array of powerful abilities needed in a lot of different situations throughout the game.

  • You can completely respec all your party members when you reach Act 2.

  • Keep your Gear up to date, especially on harder difficulties. It's completely okay spending gold on Vendors to get better gear.