• Thinning The Herd is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from ???
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 3




  • NPC1
  • NPC2




  • Start
    The Sallow Man will only give me the key to enter the Council of Seven Academy if I kill all of my Godwoken companions on the island, or else force them to accept the Covenant with the God King.
  • Purging Rod
    The Sallow Man has given me a staff that will prevent Godwoken from being resurrected. I am to purge their corpses if they do not accept the Covenant immediately.
  • Fail Sallow Man Dead
    The Sallow Man is dead. I cannot pursue this matter any further.
  • Companions Culled
    All of my Godwoken companions have either been purged, or are Sworn to the God King. I should return to the Sallow Man.
  • Accepted Promise
    I am Sworn to the Covenant, as the Sallow Man demanded.
  • End
    The Sallow Man was good to his word. He told me how to enter the Academy, and provided me with a Phase Capacitor that I will need to power the lever at the entrance.
  • Close Left C O S
    I have left the Nameless Isle, without carrying out the Sallow Man's orders.