• Every Mother's Nightmare" is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain it from Fara at the Fort Joy Ghetto
  • Suggested level: any


Fara is very worried about what happened to her daughter, Erma. She cries for her constantly and asks passers-by if they have seen her. Perhaps your party can be of assistance in locating the daughter?


  • Fara
  • Jeth 


  1. Speak to Fara (as a human).
  2. Speak to Jeth (as a human).


  • I have spoken to an inmate called Fara, who is frantically looking for her missing daughter, Erma.
  • I was informed by an inmate named Jeth that Erma isn't missing - she wras killed in a Voidwoken attack some time ago.
  • I discovered that Fara has been unable to accept the death of her daughter. There was nothing more I could do.