Adaptable, expansionist and superstitious, humans are the dominant race of Rivellon. Civil wars have ravaged their lands, but not their authority.
  • Ingenious: Ingenius rewards you with +2 Initiative and +5% Critical Chance.
  • Thrifty: Thrifty gives you +1 to Bartering
  • Encourage / Dome of Protection



Elegant and long-lived, elves are skilled sourcerors. Memory is the keystone of elven culture; they can absorb memories by consuming the flesh of others.
  • Corpse Eater: Corpse Eater let you eat body parts to access the memory of the dead, which in includes the possibility of learning new information and spells.
  • Ancestral Knowledge: Gives you +1 to Loremaster
  • Flesh Sacrifice / Dome of Protection


Dwarves are fiercely nationalistic followers of their empress. Their proud society reveres Source and is clan-based, deeply divided between haves and have-nos.
  • Sturdy: Sturdy give you +10% max Vitality and +5% Dodging
  • Dwarven Guile: Dwarven Guile gives you +1 in Sneaking.
  • Petrifying Touch / Dome of Protection


Lizards of the Ancient Empire are cultured aristocrats - Source adepts who follow rules of law. Outsiders see their society as elitist. Lizards see outsiders as servants.
  • Sophisticated:Sophisticated gives you +10% Fire Resistance and +10% Poison Resistance
  • Spellsong: You gain +1 in Persuasion from Spellsong.
  • Dragon's Blaze / Dome of Protection


The Undead are an abhorred race in Rivellon, considered abominations of the natural order. Those who wish to walk among the living must mask themselves or risk provoking violence.
  • Undead: Undead lets you heal from poison, but regular healing will damage you instead.
  • Varies: When choosing Undead you will have to pick an Undead version of one of the other 4 races and you will gain either Ingenious, Corpse Eater, Sturdyor Sophisticated.
  • Play Dead / Dome of Protection