This page contains a list for some useful mods for Divinity: Original Sin 2 that can be used for subsequent playthrough or quality of life changed like the Infinite Spirit Vision mod. Feel free to add any mod you like.

Expanded Party Size

The Expanded Party Size mod allows parties to be bigger than 4 companions.

Advice: Use it in a new game.

Start in Fort Joy

The Start in Fort Joy mod skips the intro land let the game directly start at the beach in Fort Joy instead. Also, a few start items are added to the beach that would be otherwise be found on the ship.

Crafting Overhaul

The Crafting Overhaul mod adds more than 1600 new crafting recipes; more than 550 new items; new mechanics like armor dyeing, elemental swords, craftable new unique armors, weapons and accessories, Quality of Life additions like bags, chests, and moveable crafting stations to the game. The should also work on existing save games.

Tactician Difficulty Increase

You think Divinity: Original Sin is too easy? If you want some challenge then try out the Tactician difficulty increase mod. Also works great with the Expanded Party Size mod!

Auto Identify

The Auto Identify mod is a QoL mod that will automatically identify all items at Loremaster 5+ eliminating the need for an Identifying Glass and time spent identifying items. Unidentified items sold to Loremaster 5+ traders will also be identified.

Free Pet Pal

 The Free Pet Pal mod gives every party member the pet mal talent.

Character Creation Plus

The Character Creation Plus mod adds additional options for hair/head/beard for character creation.

Advice: Restart the game after toggling this mod!

Infinite Spirit Vision

The Infinite Spirit Vision removes the duration limit of Spirit Vision and makes its radius is larger (from 20 to 40).

Let There Be Tooltips!

The Let There Be Tooltips! mod shows tooltips for all the junk and barrels that the normal game hides.

Combat XP Rebalanced

The Combat XP Rebalanced mod reduces the XP gained when killing a monster, by roughly 3/4 and makes thus increases the difficulty of DIvinity: Original Sin 2

More Monster Spawns

The More Monsters' Spawns mod adds additional mobs to spawns in every fight of the game, in every difficulty.

Sourcery Worthy of a Collar

The mod Sourcery Worthy of a Collar adds additional Spells to the game that are extremely powerful 'Final solution' Source spells that put you unconscious with their awesomeness. 

Sim's Day And Night Cycle + Dynamic Weather

Sim's Day/Night Cycle + Dynamic Weather mod adds a timer which keeps track of the time of day, then it changes the atmospheres where the player is located to match that time of day. The different weathers are: fog, rain, heavy rain, sunny.

New Classes

There are several mods that add new classes into the game:

AI Controlled Combat NPCs

The AI Controlled Combat NPCs mod adds a series of spells that can enable and disable AI control of combat over targeted party members.