• Finding Emmie is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • This quest can be acquired from Buddy (dog) in the southern part of Fort Joy Ghetto near the Cavern entrance.
  • Suggested level: 3+


Find Emmie


  • Buddy
  • Emmie


  1. Talk to buddy until he gives you his key (be nice to him) that will get you into the castle.
  2. Variant 1 (peaceful): Emmie can be found in the Prison area inside Houndmaster's Room. Send your pet pal party member in first. Either calm them down by mentioning that Buddy misses her very much or throw them a red ball you can find by killing the magisters near the prison cells below.
  3. Variant 2 (peaceful): Kill the dogs.
  4. Return to Buddy to tell him of Emmie's fate.