• Doctor's Orders is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from the tree on Bloodmoon Island.
  • Suggested level: 20
  • Act 2 / 4


  • Jahan
  • Doctor Daeva (Adramahlikh)
  • Lohse


  1. The tree spirit on Bloodmon island tells you the name of the doctor and if you speak with Jahan, he will tell you the doctor is currently hiding in Arx.
  2. In Arx, Investigate the wedding cake you will find during The Secrets of the Dwarves quest. It's full of exploding toys that you will have to deal with. A Royal Protector will talk to you after that fight and give you more information about the Doctor.
  3. He will send you an invitation to his home (The Black House) if you either have killed Isbeil (The Secrets of the Dwarves) or Lord Kemm (The Vault of Linder Kemm).
  4. Before you go to his house prepare yourself for this because this probably the hardest fight you will encounter (if you don't cheese).
  5. If you have Lohse in your party, Malady will wait in front of his house and teleport you into Adramahlikh's realm where you have to make some moral decisions. Snuffing out the flames will weaken the demon, at the cost of innocent lives.
  6. Confront the Doctor and kill him. 
    • All nurses will attack you and keep healing Doctor Daeva.
    • He will summon 4 more henchmen.
    • He will transform into a demon with a ridiculous amount of armor and hp.
    • He may take over Lohse.
    • Tip: Try to kill or stunlock him within your first turn to prevent him from transforming.
    • Tip: You can kill 3 nurses at the entrance without aggroing the doctor.
  7. After the fight, get down to his basement and free Jahan. There are also some nice pieces of armor locked behind display cabinets. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Exploit: Run with a party member who is not Lohse in the room where the doctor is waiting. Wait until he sits back on his chair, go inside with Lohse and start a dialog with him. Destroy the chair he is sitting on to knock him down while still in a dialog, making it easy to kill him before he can transform into a demon. You can also kill all nurses first while one party member is in a dialog with the doctor.


  • Discovered From Tree
    Eleanessa, in her current form as an Ancestor Tree's spirit, told me the demon that once possessed her now controls the doctor that tried to help her, and has left the island. She also told me the demon's true name: Adramahlikh.
  • Merchant Estate The Cake Note
    We discovered a note from Doctor Daeva inside a wedding cake.
  • Know Doctor
    We learned that the arch-demon, Doctor Daeva, is in Arx.
  • Flower Talk
    We learned from some flowers that Doctor Daeva is aware of the death of the Advocate. There may be consequences to this...
  • Demon Doctor Attack
    We were ambushed by some demons masquarading as ordinary citizens of Arx. They seemed to be minions of Doctor Daeva.
  • Demon Doctor Thanks
    We encountered some demons masquarading as people. They told us that they were serving the Doctor Daeva, and thanked us for serving him on the Bloodmoon Island.
  • Merchant Estate The Guard
    A guard at the estate of Micheil Ros told us that the cake was a gift from Doctor Daeva.
  • Knows No Door
    It seems that the cake was a gift from a powerful figure known as the Doctor, who lives in Arx. We should pay him a visit.
  • Invitation Killed Q
    After we killed Isbeil, a strange messenger appeared and bid us to go visit Doctor Daeva at his house.
  • Invitation Killed Kemm
    After we killed Kemm, a strange messenger appeared and bid us to go visit Doctor Daeva at his house.
  • Door Only Lohse
    It seems that the door to Doctor Daeva's house will only accept Lohse.
  • Door Cant Enter
    The door to Doctor Daeva's house will not let us enter.
  • Door Opened
    The door to Doctor Daeva's house has opened for us.
  • Pact Only Lohse
    Doctor Daeva has demanded an audience with Lohse.
  • Pact Offered
    Doctor Daeva offered a pact - he will help to defeat Dallis, and in return will share the powers of Divinity.
  • Pact Declined
    We declined Daeva's pact.
  • Pact Accepted
    One of us accepted Daeva's pact.
  • Banned From House
    Doctor Daeva banished us from his house.
  • Prison Found Bard
    We found Barstan Tungs, the bard from Driftwood, imprisoned beneath Doctor Daeva's house.
  • Prison Found Jahan
    We found Jahan, imprisoned beneath Doctor Daeva's house.
  • Prison Found Lizard
    We found the Advocate, imprisoned beneath Doctor Daeva's house.
  • Combat Demon Form
    Doctor Daeva has revealed his true form - that of Adramahlikh, the arch-demon.
  • Combat Possession Started
    Doctor Daeva began to chant his possession spell.
  • Combat Possession Completed
    Doctor Daeva has possessed Lohse.
  • The Doctor Is Dead
    Doctor Daeva is dead.
  • Close Left A R X Door
    We have ventured onwards, without coming into contact with the doctor.
  • Close Left A R X Deal
    We have ventured onwards. None of us agreed to Doctor Daeva's pact, and now it is too late.
  • Move To Next Category
    We have ventured onwards. Time will tell if Doctor Daeva will uphold his part of the pact...
  • Ending Doctor Lose
    Doctor Daeva appeared, as he promised. He demanded that we uphold our part of the pact - we refused, resulting in dire consequences...
  • Ending Doctor Win
    Doctor Daeva appeared, as he promised. He demanded that we uphold our part of the pact - we agreed.