1. You can find the Dark Cavern North-East of Amadia's Sanctuary. Go inside to trigger a new journal entry.
  2. While exploring the cavern, a skeleton Aeromancer named Trompdoy will appear and make fun of you. Be calm, don't kill him yet.
  3. Go left across an invisible bridge and you will be ambushed. Kill the illusions and continue exploring the area, watch out for traps in the form of elusive treasure chests.
  4. In the next area, you will be ambushed by Trompdoy once again. This time the real one will be among the illusions. You can tell which one is real because the illusion will turn blue after they take damage. Killing the real one will end the fight. He will drop a Ring that will begin The Cursed Ring quest
  5. When you find a room with a statue, make sure to save before talking to it. You must answer the questions correctly to progress. The correct answers are 1 ('very awful, rotten'), then 2 ('a hex, a misery, a blight, a curse').
  6. Move forward to the treasure room and you will find the Purging Wand for the quest: The Shriekers and the Heart of the Tyrant for the quest: Artefacts of the Tyrant.
  7. There are also several soul jars including Gratiana's Soul Jar you need for the quest The Eternal Worshipper. Don't break this one.
  8. Two soul jars are linked to the necromancers you find during the quest: A Fate Worse Than Death.
  9. You can complete The Vault Of Braccus Rex quest by smashing the Illusionist's Soul Jar.
  10. Right before the exit barrier, there is a statute that teleports you to the Hall of Echoes, where you will learn Bless. (The Voices)


Tips & Tricks

  • Many of the Chests are illusions and trapped with elemental damage.
  • The riddle can be solved by associating each word with a letter. You will get that hint by talking to a rat ( Pet Pal ).