• Crippling a Demon is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire this quest from ???
  • Suggested level: ???
  • Act 3




  • NPC1
  • NPC2




  • Malady Offered The Weakening
    Malady has offered me a chance to accompany her to Adramahlikh's home plane, in an effort to weaken the arch-demon. We should meet her near the house of Doctor Daeva.
  • Malady Declined The Weakening
    I refused to accompany Malady to Adramahlikh's home plane.
  • Started
    Malady teleported the both of us to Adramahlikh's home plane.
  • Room A Soul Candles
    I found a candle that contains a trapped soul, used by Adramahlikh to sustain himself. If I snuff out the flame, I will sap his powers - but the trapped soul will also be lost.
  • Room A Soul Candles Snuffed
    I snuffed out the candle.
  • Room A Soul Candles Preserved
    I could not bring myself to extinguish the flame. Malady grew angry, wondering if I had the will to do what is necessary.
  • Room A Soul Candles Someone Else Snuffed
    Someone other than me snuffed out the candle.
  • Room B Soul Candles
    I came across a pair of candles, each containing a soul that the arch-demon draws power from. One was a righteous soul, who made a pact with Adramahlikh in order to save his sickly child. The other is a villainous sort, who made a deal in order to escape justice. Both candles and souls will have to be extinguished if I am to weaken Adramahlikh's power.
  • Room B Soul Candles Snuffed
    I extinguished the candles.
  • Room B Soul Candles Preserved
    I allowed the candles to remain lit, angering Malady greatly.
  • Room B Soul Candles Someone Else Snuffed
    Someone else extinguished the candles, and the souls that they contain.
  • Final Room Arrive
    I entered the final part of Adramahlikh's home plane. Countless candles, each containing a trapped soul, stretched out before me, as far as the eye could see. All of them would have to be extinguished in order to complete the task.
  • Final Room Snuffed
    I told Malady to bring down the elements upon the candles, and extinguish them all.
  • Final Room Preserved
    I ordered Malady to leave the candles alone. She reacted with disgust. From her eyes, I have made a grave mistake.
  • End Failed
    I have left Adramahlikh's home plane without weakening his powers sufficiently.
  • The Doctor Is Dead
    Adramahlikh is dead.
  • The Doctor Possessed
    Adramahlikh has possessed Lohse, body and soul.