Combat abilities will provide your character with additional modifiers that during the fight can turn the outcome in your favor. Specific combat sections are responsible for damage scaling, reduction of received damage and the bonus to abilities.

Ability Name Description Effects

Dual Wielding
Duel Wielding increases damage and Dodging when dual-wielding two one-handed weapons. +5% Damage and +1% Dodge Chance.
Ranged Ranged increase damage and Critical Chance with bows and crossbows. +5% Damage and +1% Critical Chance.

Single-handed increase damage and Accuracy when using a one-handed weapon (dagger, sword, axe, mace or wand) with a shield or empty off-hand. +5% Damage and +2% Accuracy.

Two-Handed increase damage and critical multiplier when using two-handed melee weapon (Sword, axe, mace, spear or staff). +5% Damage and +5% Critical Multiplier.

Leadership grants dodging and resistance bonuses to all allies in a 5m radius. +5% Dodging and +5% Resistance
Perseverance Perseverance restores Magic Armor after you recover from Frozen or Stunned, and restores physical Armor after knocked down or Petrified. +5% Armor restored
Retribution Retribution reflects received damage to your attacker. 10% damage reflected.

Aerotheurge increase all damage you deal to Magic Armour. +10% Damage dealt to magic armor

Geomancer increase all Poison damage you dealt and any Physical Armour restoration that you cause. +5% Poison Damage. Restoring Physical Armour gets a +10% bonus.
Huntsman Huntsman increases the damage bonus when attacking from high ground. +5% Damage from high ground.

Hydrosophist increases all healing and Armour restoration that you cause. Healing increased by +10%. Restoring Magic Armour is increased by +10%.
Necromancer Necromancer heals you every time you deal damage to Vitality. Damage from reflection effects yields half heal. Heal +10% of the damage dealt to Vitality.
Polymorph Polymorph provides one free attribute point per point invested. +1 Attribute Point

Pyrokinetic increase all Fire damage you deal. +5% Fire Damage.

Scoundrel increase movement speed and boosts your Critical Modifier. +5% Critical Multiplier, +5% Movement speed.
Summoning Summoning increases Vitality, Damage, Physical Armour and Magical Armour of your summons and totems. Summons starts with 10% more s Vitality, Damage, Physical Armour and Magical Armour.
Warfare Increases all damage you deal to Physical Armour. +10% Damage dealt to physical armor


Ability Description Effects

Bartering improves your haggling skills with traders. Level 1: Traders will drop 10% off their base price. You can earn 10% more profit when you sell items.

Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm increases your likelihood of finding extra treasure whenever loot is stashed. Lucky Charm increases your likelihood of finding extra treasure whenever loot is stashed.
Persuasion Persuasion boosts your score with +4 per point when pesuading characters in a dialog. +4 score when persuading characters.

Loremaster identifiles enemies and allows you to identify items. Increasing Loremaster allows you to identify more, faster. To identify, use an identifying glass and click on the item you want to identify. To examine a monster or NPC, right click them and choose Examine.

Telekinesis determines the range and weight of items you can move telepathically. Increase the range of your telekinesis.
Sneaking determines how well you can sneak without getting caught. A higher sneaking ability improves your movement speed while sneaking and shrinks NPC sight cones.
Thievery Thievery improves your lockpicking and pickpocketing skills. To lockpick, use a lockpick and click on the item you want to lockpick.