• A Wolf alone is Ifan Ben-Mezd personal quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire the quest by reading the Mysterious Letter you find in his inventory.
  • Suggested level: ???




  • Borris
  • Saheila
  • Bishop Alexander


Act 1

  1. Find and talk to Magister Borris at the fort main gate. 
    • You can either kill the Elf Saheila who is in the Caverns as he asks for or you intimidate him to give you the name of the contact.
  2. When you have escaped Fort Joy - talk to Zaleskar at The Hollow Marshes.
  3. Kill Bishop Alexander who is the final encounter of Act1.

Act 2

(Lvl 13+ recommended)

  1. Travel to Driftwood and talk to Barren at the second level of the Tavern. He will tell you that you should meet Roost in a nearby sawmill

  2. Find the sawmill - talk with Ifan to the guards and they won't attack you.

  3. Find Roost on the second floor of the cottage.

  4. He will tell you that Alexander is still alive and hiding on an Island.

  5. He will ask Ifan to hand over his fellow godwokens. Regardless of the dialog choices you gonna have to fight Roost.

  6. Loot everything in the Room including a contract given to roost by the Divine Order to kill godwokens.

  7. If Saheila survived Act 1 she will sit there chained up. You can free her and bring her to the elves near the sawmill and she will increase your source.

  8. ???