• The Red Prices personal quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can acquire the quest when he joins your party. He is found on the beach before you enter fort joy.
  • Suggested level: ???




Act 1

  1. An assassin will try to kill him while you run around in Fort Joy.
  2. If you speak to the Dreamer Stingtail at Fort Joy, you will earn another journal entry. Note that Stingtail can die in several other questlines so make sure to talk to him early with the red prince. He will appear when you acquire the quest The Imprisoned Elf and have spoken to Griff in Fort Joy.
  3. The next Dreamer can be found in the Swamp area after you escaped Fort Joy

Act 2

  • When you have reached the Stonegarden you can find a Spirit (Spirit Vision) at the lizard's part of the cemetery (where two dragon heads breathe fire). Speak to him with The Red Prince to progress his quest.
  • ???