• Powerful Awakening is a main-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • You can obtain it from Malady at ??
  • Suggested level: 10?


Malady has told us to find Meistr Shiva, the Meistr of the Seekers. We find her outside of the village of Driftwood. Once we made contact; she helps us to regarding to proceed on our quest.


  • Meistr Shiva


  1. Find Meistr Shiva hanging from her wrist at a gallows outside of Driftwood and free her.
  2. Follow her to her home and open the hidden hatch that the button behind a picture reveales
  3. Enter the cellar.
  4. Perform the rutual by combining the ingredients and setting the bowl on fire.


  • use the crafting menu to combine the ingredients.
  • double clicking the obsidian lancet will get you the blood.
  • you can add fire by putting the ritual bowl on the floor and set it on fire with a fire spell.