The Lady O War is a main-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

  • This can be obtained by talking to Malady onboard the Lady Vengeance

  • Suggested level: ???



Short summary


  • Malady
  • Lady Vengeance


  1. Search the corpses on the deck by the burned Seeker and read through the journal to get password which you will need later.
  2. Find the ships prison at the bottom.
  3. Inspect Bishop Alexander and take his Strange Gem.
  4. When you talk to a rat (Pet Pal) you can find out that the ship is controlled by singing songs.
  5. Get up the Stairs and find the Stateroom Door. To open the Door you will need Bishops Strange Gem and the password.
  6. Pick up a Dusty Tome on the desk of Dallis cabin.
  7. To open Port-Side Stateroom Door you need the password (given by Starboard Stateroom Door) and have Strange Gem (can be found on Bishop Alexandar).
  8. Sing to ship's figurehead.
  9. Freeing the Ship will get you a nice buff in the following fight.
  10. Carefully select your teammates before you sail.
  11. Kill Dallis' men who try to board the ship or buy Malady enough time to complete her spell.