Combat Description Stats
Dual Wielding Dual Wielding increases damage and Dodging when dual-wielding two one-handed weapons.
  • +5% Damage
  • +1% Dodge Chance
Ranged Ranged increase damage and Critical Chance with bows and crossbows.
  • +5% Damage
  • +1% Critical Chance
Single-Handed Single-handed increase damage and Accuracy when using a one-handed weapon (dagger, sword, axe, mace or wand) with a shield or empty off-hand.
  • +5% Damage
  • +5% Accuracy

Two-Handed increase damage and critical multiplier when using two-handed melee weapon (Sword, axe, mace, spear or staff).
  • +5% Damage
  • +5% Critical Multiplier

Leadership grants dodging and resistance bonuses to all allies in a 5m radius.
  • +2% Dodging and
  • +3% to all Resistances
Perseverance Perseverance restores Magic Armor after you recover from Frozen or Stunned, and restores Physical Armor after knocked down or Petrified.
  • +5% Armor restored
Retribution Retribution reflects received damage to your attacker.
  • 5% damage reflected
Aerotheurge Aerotheurge increase all Air damage you deal.
  • Air attacks +5% more damage.
Geomancer Geomancer increase all Poison damage you dealt and any Physical Armour restoration that you cause.
  • +5% Poison and Earth Damage
  • Restoring Physical Armour gets a +5% bonus
Huntsman Huntsman increases the damage bonus when attacking from high ground.
  • +5% Damage from high ground
Hydrosophist Hydrosophist increases all healing and Armour restoration that you cause.
  • Healing increased +5%
  • Restoring Magic Armour is increased by +5%
Necromancer Necromancer heals you every time you deal damage to Vitality. Damage from reflection effects yields half heal.
  • Heal +10% of the damage dealt to Vitality
Polymorph Polymorph provides one free attribute point per point invested.
  • +1 Attribute Point
Pyrokinetic Pyrokinetic increase all Fire damage you deal.
  • +5% Fire Damage
Scoundrel Scoundrel increases movement speed and boosts your Critical Modifier.
  • +5% Critical Multiplier
  • +5% Movement speed.
Summoning Summoning increases Vitality, Damage, Physical Armour and Magical Armour of your summons and totems.
  • Summons starts with 5% more Vitality, Damage, Physical Armour and Magical Armour
Warfare Warfare increases all Physical damage you deal.
  • Physical attacks deal +5% damage