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The Hold

The Hold - the prison ship that transports sourcerers to Fort Joy - is the tutorial area where the epic journey of D:OS II starts. It will help you with some of the very basics, and there is a bunch of minor stuff to get if you so desire. It is entirely possible to leave The Hold with a basic set of starting gear. An helmet, actual shirt, gloves, pants, and even boots. However that is HIGHLY luck based.

This is also the only section where I will leave out the map as it shouldn't be terribly difficult to figure out what is where and won't go into suggested paths and what not.


Troubled Waters
Obtained: Obtained on Start
Most Experience Path
1. Awaken in The Hold.
2. Talk to Magister Siwan.
3. Talk to Magister Waters.
4. Talk to Magister Payde.
5. Encounter Wendigo. Grants 400 EXP.
6. Reach Middle Deck of the Boat.
7. Persuade the two Magisters. 200 EXP if Successful.
8. Witness Tentacles wrecking stuff. Grants 200 EXP.
9. Reach Deck of the Boat.
10. Go to Life Boat, check on Companions Yourself.
11. Go to the Life Boat again. Grants 400 EXP.

The Hold, Bottom Floor

The Many Magisters - 860 EXP Potential
This will be difficult, but it is possible for you to kill every Magister in this area. In prep either buy or steal everything you want off all the magisters and prisoners. When you approach the three magisters confronting Wendigo, Make sure Wendigo is in sight then attack the magisters otherwise you will not get the EXP from them.

  • Method 1 - All out Assault
    This might work if you have a starting shield. I suggest you close all the doors in the primary area with the prisoners and magisters and try to survive until either you are dead or win. Try to avoid the poison, fire, electricity, and other things your allies throw out. There is a high chance that at least one of the companions will die during this. If Gil, Namiyah, or Beast (Early Access Edition only) die, I wouldn't reset, however if Ifan, Lohse, The Red Prince, or Sebille die I would suggest reseting the fight.
  • Method 2 - Persuasive:
    This method requires that you have Two in Persuasion, and at least 2 in Wits. I additionally would suggest you take the skills Conjure Incarnate, Elemental Totem, and Chameleon Skin. The goal of this method is to privately kill one or two magisters at a time, away from all the others then passing the Persuasion check making out like you are innocient and otherwise overwhelming them in as few numbers as possible.
  • Method 3 - The Cheese
    This method requires you have at least 2 Wit, and the Chameleon Skin Skill. The goal is to kill Magister Siwan, get into combat with every single magister in this floor, then attack Wendigo in as short of a time span as possible to hopefully avoid the death of Ifan, Lohse, The Red Prince, or Sebille.

Note: Killing Magister Siwan when she is down from the Source Blast awards No EXP.

Note: Leaving Magister Siwan alive prompts some character chatter after you save your companions. Still needs testing, unsure if this prevents finishing Troubled Waters Quest if you go to her.

The Hold, Middle Deck

Yet More Magisters - 220 EXP Potential
In one of the two side rooms there is a Source Hound. It has some dialogue if you have Pet Pal but otherwise gives no items or experience through dialogue.

In the locked room near the Source Hound there are two magisters. After successfully convincing them not to attack you you can kill them both for additional experience.

Magister Ricks grants 100 EXP upon defeat.
Magister Murtof grants 100 EXP upon defeat.

The Hold, Deck
Voidling Attack, The First - 200 EXP Potential
When you arrive on the Deck, you'll promptly be greeted by a tentacle killing a Magister Knight. There is anotehr dead Magister Knight right next to you that has a fireball scroll. Use it if you weren't able to properly recover from the earlier fights and are low on health.

The Captain - 160 EXP Potential
Two Magisters are at the helm. If you maneuver yourself carefully, you can manage to use the fireball scroll you obtained to set off the oil barrel before the tentacle does. Then you can safely scale the oil covered part of the ship where the captain and other magister should still be alive. Initiate combat, and light the oil aflame. Be sure to avoid standing in the oil yourself or you will likely also die.
Thanks to HanyouITW for having explained this method for getting at them.

Go be a Hero
Voidling Attack, The Second - 240 EXP Potential
The Kids and Gil (If he survived) will be at the life boat. Go search the bottom floor yourself when the choice is available for an extra fight against four Voidlings with whatever surviving companions are there.

If you have done everything listed above, you will make land with 2880 EXP, or level 2 with 880 extra EXP.

Fort Joy Beach


You will start in the far north western corner of the map. I suggest you go about gathering everything in you general vicinity before heading east past the waypoint statue and talk to Tam. There is a chance he might have something of interest to you item wise. If you hoarded everything in The Hold like you not doubt did, he is a good place to trade the big, bulky, and otherwise worthless items for something that might be a bit more vaulable and weigh less.

Fort Joy Beach (Starting Beach)

Fort Joy Beach (Starting Beach)

Once you are finished scanning the initial area and trading with Tam, continue along the beach until you spot the voidlings. I would kill them since invaluable experience, and there is some loot to be had. Once finished with that head further collecting items as you go until you spot The Red Prince. If you plan to have a party I would suggest reqruiting him as he makes it so you do not need a shovel (Unless you are playing a custom Lizard).

That done head east from his location collecting everything until you spot a digging spot on the ground. Position yourself in prep for a fight since the moment you finish digging a Freshly Buried Corpse will attack. Note that the Black Cat will likely appear while you are digging.

Travel south again until you reach another dig spot. No fight this time, just simple loot. Near that dig spot you should see a secret path. Go just south of it and look behind a tree to find a hidden chest before entering the secret alcove. There is an Ooze Barrel here. I suggest you move it away from the current poison and loot eveerything in the area before setting the poisoned ground on fire.

This will uncover a path to Unnis and Coral, as well as the Void-Touched Turtle encounter. You can get some minor rewards for making the right dialogue choices with Unnis and Coral, and recieve 100 EXP for simply climbing to their roost. Once you have gotten all you want from them move onwards past their encampment to the beach where the turtles are. If you feel confident in your abilities walk onto the beach and take on the void-touched turtles. If you do beat them, explore the beach as there is a number of goodies including a Locked Chest (Which you can pick up for when you can unlock it).

Return to the entrance of the Alcove and Resume exploring the beach. On the brocken part of the bridge you can scale, there is a campsite you can use to rest if injured from the previous battles. Once finished exploring the general beach area, approach the main gate but DO NOT get close enough to activate the scene as that will prevent you from getting a number of invauluable things. Instead look for the hidden ladder entrance and take that into Fort Joy Ghetto.

Dallis The hammer

Don't even attempt this until you are at least level 4. Anything less is suicidal, and even then only dumb luck allowed me to do it at level 4. I tried a wide variety of strategies and nearly all of which failed.

What worked for me was having The Red Prince speced out as a caster with the actual teleportation skill book from Orivand's quarters learned, the teleportation gloves on Ifan as a ranger, Sebille as a high single target damage rogue, and Lohse as a Fighter to act as a meat shield.

I set things up by having The Red Prince put tons of oil at both entrances to Fort Joy Ghetto prior to the fight, making it impossible to enter the Fort without getting slowed (This seemed to confuse the AI as they never crossed the Oil Fields I made). I found the perfect position on the outer wall, west side of the gate, that I could use to teleport Dallis near where The Teleporter guy tends to walk. Ifan on the higher ground where Fara and Jeth usually are prepared to rain hell upon Dallis. Sebille close enough to use backlash on the area I intended to teleport Dallis to. Lohse similairly poised to bull rush Dallis the moment she was out of the safety of her pets and Alexander.

Once all preperations are made, there is nothing to do bt begin. Try to leave whoever you have initially cast teleport on Dallis on the wall so they can witness Atusa's death since sometimes if none of my party members witness her death, it doesn't update the Fort Joy quest with that bit, and thus you do not gain the experience from it.

When you are ready, teleport Dallis to isolate her far from her help. With that done put as much damage into her as you can into her because if she doesn't get below half health in that one turn odds are at least one member of your party is gonig to go down. If you haven't takken her below half health by the end of turn 2, reset you are not ready to beat this fight yet and her minions are likely already killing your mage.

When you manage to take Dallis out, things become a LOT easier. Her pets seem to loose a LOT of their tenacity without her around, and the Magisters are barely worth noting without Dallis and Alexander backing them up. Do be warned however that when Dallis leaves she WILL knock down everyone close to her. Regardless clean up whatever is left and go collect your new shiny hammer.

​​​​​​​Fort Joy Beach (Starting Beach) Continued

Quests (In progress)

Fort Joy
Obtained: Obtained on Start
1. You were shipwrecked enroute.
2. Attacked by Voidlings. Grants 100 EXP.
3. Black Cat starts following you.
4. Witness Dallis kill Atusa. Grants 300 EXP.

The Collar
Obtained: Obtained on Start
1. You are fitted with a Source Collar, it prevents Source Skills.

The Thing Inside Of Me
Obtained: Play as Lohse
1. There is something within you, regardless try to get out alive.

Obtained: Play as Red Prince
1. Need to find a Dreamer.


1. Coral - Gives an item and 100 EXP if you make the proper dialogue choices.
2. Unnis - Gives an item if you make the proper dialogue choices.



  • The Voidlings - 200 EXP Potential
    Barely a challenge, no real strategy required.
  • Buried Zombie - 100 EXP Potential
    Barely a challenge, no real strategy required.
  • Void-Touched Turtles - 660 EXP Potential
    These turtles can cause some serious hurt for the unprepared. There is one Void-Touched Ancient Turtle, and Two Void-Touched Turtles.
  • Extra Challenge. Hammer Encounter - 10,880 EXP Potential
    This is listed as an extra challenge because it is exactly that. A challenge. You should be at LEAST level 4 to even consider this


  • Black Cat
    Magister Holind will kill if it gets too close.
    Awards 20 EXP upon Death
  • Tam
  • Unnis
    Dialogue Rewards
    Awards 140 EXP on Death
  • Coral
    Dialogue Rewards
  • The Red Prince(Companion)
    Offers The Red Prince Quest-Line

The current total amount of EXP to be gained from the beach is 12,600 EXP. With everything from The Hold this means a Total EXP of up to 15,320 EXP or Level 3 with 7,320 extra EXP.


There are a few things you cannot reach your first time through the Beach. Once you have the ability to use Teleportation, you can get to the bridge part near the Waypoint Tam is located near. There is all kinds of goodies up there so be sure to search every container, and doubly make certain you take the secret path next to the tower for some special rewards.

There is also the ornate treasure chest you can obtain once you have the teleportation skill. Simply teleport it over to you and plunder its glorious rewards.

Fort Joy Ghetto


Ghetto with all Skill book vendors

Ghetto with all Skill book vendors

There is a LOT in this area. And a LOT to get done. Since I assume you entered through the Ladder Entrance as to save the Dallis encounter for when you are ready, you should head down towards the waypoint. Complete Every Mother's Nightmare as you go if have a human in the group. If you don't have a human, go talk to the Elf Elodi, and talk the thugs out of a fight. Reqruit Ifan then complete A Mother's Worst Nightmare. Grab Lohse as well if you want, or wait to get Sebille later.

With that done, continue to Nebora and have your primary character talk to her. Rush here first if you are doing multiplayer since while the experience is shared, the collar removal is not. The collar removal secured go talk to Gawin and accept his quest The Teleporter. With that in tow, bring The Red Prince along as you make your way towards the outskirts looking for Narin. He will approach if The Red Prince is with you before attacking. Margo should be near here, go talk to her. Not far from here Baladir and Saam will be arguing. Kill them quickly before again progressing with The Teleporter.

You should find a Crab named Septa along your way to fight the Gators. Kill him. There is a treasure chest hidden behind a bush near where you can approach the Gators, and clsoe to a good vantage point to rain hell upon them. When the Gators are dead, loot the gloves and general area. There will be a Book that once read gives you The Vault of Braccus Rex quest.

This is where you'll stop progressing The Teleporter quest for some time, as to get the most from it you need to get into Fort Joy Proper. Go talk to Buddy to start Finding Emmie, then to Amyro to start The Imprisoned Elf. Decide now if you want Sebille in your party or not. If not Kill her on your route to Stingtail. Do not talk to Stingtail first, but rather look at the Marked Crate THEN talk to Stingtail (With Sebille not in the area).If the Red Prince is in the party and wants to talk, thats perfectly safe, but DO NOT LET SEBILLE 'TALK' TO HIM!

Convince him to give you the goods, and return them to Griff. Tell Griff it was Stingtail, then go and protect Stingtail from the Assassain Griff sends. Go release Amyro. You should talk to Doctor Leste somewhere in all this. Give her the booze when prompted but do not end the conversation yet, ask for a healing potion to learn a recipe, without breaking dialogue have a different party member heal the wounded guy. Continue past her hovel and to the beach where you'll find Migo. Give him a Yarrow Flower, then go talk to Magister Yarrow and give her his ring. Go talk to magister Yarrow on the beach again for the best reward.

This is probably a good time to go do the Arena of the One. There will be another section dedicated strictly to it. Once you've takken care of business there, go talk to Nebora again and get that annoying collar removed. Dain probably died by now, go loot his corpse and bring the Sparkler Card back to Griff for some Dialogue, if Dain isn't dead pickpocket the Sparkler card. That being done, do as he suggests and go meet with the Card Sharks. Use the card when prompted and enjoy annoying them before killing all three of them.

You are probably starting to run out of things to do in this area, but there is still the Cavern to take care of. It too will have a section of its own. Once done there, and with new quests in tow. Go check out the Underground Tunnel as for the time being there is nothing left for you to do here other than killing some Magisters.


Once you have successfully stormed Fort Joy and helped Paladin Cork have whoever was doing The Teleporter return to Gawin with the gloves equiped. Once Gawin attempts to betray you on the other side of the ravine, your companions can easily dispatch him. Have the Glove wearer break the Tree Stump, and go into the hole. Leave the cell and move to return with your companions.

Once you have done everything else before leaving the island, kill everyone that grants EXP for a notable boost. Then take all the items you have sold the over the course of your playthrough and sell them to another merchant.

Fort Joy Ghetto Continued

Quests (In progress)

Fort Joy
Obtained: Obtained on Start

The Collar
Obtained: Obtained on Start
1. Talk to Nebora.

Obtained: Play as Red Prince
1. Talk to Stingtail

The Shakedown
Obtained: Talk to Elodi (Do this ASAP)
1. Talk Kana and Burro out of fighting. Grants 300 EXP.

Every Mother's Nightmare
Obtained: Talk to Fara. (Need Human Character in Party)
1. Talk to Jeth.
2. Tell Fara her child was killed. Grants 120 EXP.

The Teleporter
Obtained: Talk to Gawin
1. Deal with the Gators
2. Bring Gloves to Gawin. Grants 600 EXP.

Explore outside cell? Grants 1200 EXP

The Vault of Braccus Rex
Obtained: From the book you find in a corps near the gators

The Murderous Gheist
Obtained: Talk to Magister Yarrow
1. Find Migo (Suggest you bring a Yarrow Flower)
2. Bring Magister Yarrow Migo's Ring. Grants 600 EXP
Extra. Talk to Magister Yarrow again if Migo lives for reward.

The Imprisoned Elf
Obtained: Talk to Amyro
Release Amyro. Gain 840 EXP
Extra. Griff sends a assassain after Stingtail, kill it for EXP.

Finding Emmie
Obtained: Talk to Buddy (Need Pet Pal)
1. Obtain Buddy's Key

Obtained: Play as Red Prince
1. Talk to Stingtail. grants 600 EXP


1. Talk to Doctor Leste with a Alchoholic Beverage.
Give her the drink for Dain. Grants 240 EXP
2. Talk to Margo. Gives item.
3. Talk to Moal. Gives Varying Item.
4. Talk to Laslor. Lohse Required. Gives item.

Battles (In progress)

  • Griff's Thugs - 480 EXP Potential Burro and Kana are easy to beat.
  • Card Sharks - 720 EXP Potential Ralvo, Bottle Top, and Slug can pose a challenge in undergeared but should be easy otherwise.
  • Narin - 600 EXP Potential Will attack you if The Red Prince is in your party.
  • Saltwater Crockodiles - 360 EXP Potential. Barely a challenge, no real strategy required. Part of The Teleporter Quest.
  • Griff's Crew - 3,120 EXP Potential. There are some merchants in this group. Try to avoid this fight til near the end of Act 1.
  • Griff's Assassain - ??? EXP Potential Griff sends this assassain to kill Stingtail. Shouldn't be too hard right.
  • Extra 1. Baladir and Saam - 480 EXP Potential Kill them since Baladir WILL kill Saam regardless.
  • Extra 2a. Even More Magisters! - 6,000 EXP Potential Magisters Borris, Sevek, Timery, Hansa, Alise, Holind, Krans, and their loyal dogs Gracie and Hicka are all available to be killed.
  • Extra 2b. Even More Magisters! - 2,800 EXP Potential Since you completed the Dallis Extra Fight Timery, Hansa, Sevek, and Borris will already be dead.


  • Amyro: Initiates The Imprisoned Elf and Sahelia's Signet Quest. Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Brother Bire: Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Buddy: Initiates Finding Emmie Quest. Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Dain: Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Dominic: Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Fara: Initiates Every Mother's Nightmare Quest, Only speaks to Humans. Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Gawin (Merchant): Initiates The Teleporter Quest. Awards 180 EXP upon Death.
  • Jeth: Part of Every Mother's Nightmare Quest. Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Laslor: Dialogue with Lohse. Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Doctor Leste (Merchant): Dialogue Rewards; Dain Alive, need Alchohol. Awards 240 EXP upon Death.
  • Margo: Dialogue Rewards Awards 120 EXP upon Death.
  • Migo: Part of The Murderous Gheist Quest. Awards 1000 EXP upon Death.
  • Moal (Merchant): Dialogue Rewards Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Mona (Merchant): Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Myra: Grants 80 EXP on Death.
  • Nebora (Merchant): Part of The Collar Quest. Awards 120 EXP upon Death.
  • Rezik (Merchant): Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Stingtail (Merchant): Part of Redemption, Sebille, and The Imprisoned Elf Quests. Awards 480 EXP upon Death.
  • Septa: the Ineffable Grants 20 EXP on Death.
  • Vissar: Grants 80 EXP on Death.
  • Magister Yarow: Initiates The Merderous Gheist Quest. Awards 800 EXP upon Death.


  • Ifan: Offers Ifan questline.
  • Lohse: Offers Lohse questline.
  • Sebille:Offers Sebille questline.


Arena of The One

This place is pretty straightforward. Loot all the jars around the main room before talking to everyone except Thola. Once you are ready to start you ONE CHANCE to win the Arena Fight, talk to Thola.

Once in the Area, I suggest you send one person to loot the two chests in the northern part of the arena, preferably someone with invisibility while the rest of your team gets high ground and wails on your opponents. Try to save Rex for last given he cannot climb ladders, giving you all the time in the world to loot the chests unhindered.

Once you win, talk to the NPCs again, go get your collar removed, then return for some nice bonus experience from the NPCs here.


The Collar
Obtained: Obtained on Start
2. Complete Arena of the One.


  • Mia - Gives a buff if you do proper Dialogue.


  • Arena Fight - 1,560 EXP Potential - Veerle, Gordon, Alisa, and Rex shouldn't be that hard to beat. Just don't run at them like a goof.


  • Ivor: Awards 240 EXP on Death.
  • Mia: Dialogue Rewards. Awards 240 EXP on Death.
  • Thola: Initiates Arena Fight Awards 480 EXP on Death
  • Sepp: Awards 2400 EXP on Death


Things here are fairly straight foward, just be sure to leave Lohse outside while you go about doing stuff here. Talk to all the NPCS, have somone that isn't The Red Prince talk to Kalias, then play Hide and Seek with Mody. After you've found him the second time, enter the Forgotten Cell and go talk to Withermoore. Have someone with some strength pull the spear, then talk to Withermoore again. Loot whatever is in the area before returning to the Cavern. With all the NPC's spoken to move or destroy the stuff blocking off a section of the Cavern.

Loot stuff as you go and be ready for three frogs to ambush you at the end. Dispatch them with ease, and on your way back don't forget to pop over to Mody's Hideout. You will need some form of teleporting spell to do so, reaching it will grant you 480 EXP. Upon returning to the elves Rulah will speak to you, granting you 600 EXP for defeating the frogs.

With all that done, there is little left to do here until you retrieve or break Withermoore's Souljar.

Quests (In progress)

Sahelia's Signet
Obtained: ???
1. Talk to Amyro

Withermoore's Souljar
Obtained: Talk to Mody
1. Play Hide and Seek with Mody
2. Enter Forgotten Cell. Grants 600 EXP.


The Frogs - 1,800 EXP Potential Three Frogs, shouldn't be too difficult.


  • Amyro: Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Elodi Initiate's The Shakedown Quest Awards 240 EXP upon Death.
  • Frolie Unkillable.
  • Kalias (Merchant) No Known Quests or Diplomacy Checks. Awards 480 EXP upon Death.
  • Mody: Initiate's Withermoore's Souljar Quest. Unkillable.
  • Rulah: No Known Quests or Diplomacy Checks. Awards no EXP upon Death.
  • Sahelia Part of Lohse Questline. Awards 40 EXP upon Death.

Forgotten cell



Withermoore's Souljar
Obtained: Talk to Mody


Mody: Initiate's Withermoore's Souljar Quest. Unkillable.
Lord Withermoore: Part of Withermoore's Souljar Quest. Grants 200 EXP when killed.

Underground Tunnel

This area has a large number of ways you can enter it. Save the one from The Teleporter quest for absolute last, since you're gonna want the EXP from killing Giwan yourself. I suggest first taking the entrance near Migo. Follow the path collecting stuff as you go until you see the first steamvent across a small bit of water. Go near it for a dig spot thats well worth it.

For the next part I suggest you avoid fighting the slugs for now as the big one drops one of the few Epic items currently in the game. Continue past them gathering whatever goodies you can until you reach the first cell. Once here convince the prisoner to remain quiet or simply avoid talking to her altogether. Pick your way out, before exploring the rooms near there, but do not leave the area yet.

The Houndmaster will be interigating one of the magisters. Kill him and his croonies, but be VERY carefful not to kill themagister you are trying to save. Once the hostiles are all dead, use a healing spell on him if yu have one, or give him a potion via dialogue. Once he tells you the password and a bit about it, kill him as well.

Talk to Vernas in his Cell after you finish exploring everything you can here. You'll come back here again at least twice. Once through the entrance beside the waypoint of the seven, and once for The Teleporter.

Note: Need to test using Bless on Vernas.


Come back once decently leveled to take out the Fire Slugs for the experience and epic item from the Princess.

Fort Joy Prison

Regardless of how you entered the Underground Tunnel you will almost certainly enter here in roughly the same area. Go to the spot marked by Withermoore's Quest, pull the lever and enter The Ancient Passage. Once finished there, return here.

With that handled, go and unlock the door for the kennel, if you have Pet Pal and talked to Buddy, you can talk your way out of a fight for some Decent EXP, then kill all the dogs for a bit more. Unlock and enter the Houndmaster's quarters for another batch of EXP. Open the cage with the dog and do a bit more dialogue, if you convince the dog it can be better you gain another batch of EXP. Unsure if killing Birdie gives any EXP rewards.

That done, kill all the silent monks. There are seven in totalI believe. Just be sure you are not within sight of the magisters. Once as many as you are comfortable killing are dead. Go talk to the magisters. Give them the code from the Underground Tunnel, but do not tell them who gave it to you. Once they are leaving peacefully, have the rest of your party cut them off and initiate combat once the boy talks to you.

You are not leaving with the boy yet though. But this is a point where you will need to split up the party. One person needs to stay with the kid. This being the case, avoid the Fletchers Playground. Send your other three party members up the stairs to Fort Joy Proper.


Once your other party members have killed Giwan, have the party member with the kid go on the boat. You'll get some decent EXP from that. Once you feel comfortable doing so, go to the fletchers playground and murder the psycho. Its my understanding there are some epic items in the area as well, so save this area for when you are decently leveled.

Ancient Passage

There are a few traps here. Just cover the first two with the vases nearby, and interact with all the souljars to get all the fights. You can either destroy Withermoore's jar here, or drain it. I suggest you pick it up and bring it back to Withermoore himself. I am fairly sure there is no way to get the EXP from releasing him and killing him though.

There is a piece of Braccus Armor here if you have enough wits you can intereact with one of his statues. Scratch it and it'll drop the pants. Once finished looting the place, more on back to the Prison.

Fort Joy Proper

You should enter here via the stairway leading up from the Prison. Loot whatever you want/can in the first room without opening any doors. Once the loot is dealt with, look around for some form of argument going on. Once located, go investigate it. Help Paladin Cork deal with the magisters, and try to keep him alive if possible.

The Magisters, including the captain dealt with, its time to split your party up yet again. This time One is going to complete The Teleporter Quest while the other two unlock the front door leading to where Gawin will leave you at. With The Teleporter done, regroup these three and send the fourth at the boat with the kid onto the boat with the kid.

The remaining three should explore the rest of Fort Joy Proper for any trinkets, books, crafting materials, and remaining magisters. Once the entire area outside the fort is clear, be aware that the Judge is doing a trial in the actual Fort itself. Do not enter until ready to fight him, and if possible, use the key Yarrow gave you earlier to sneak into his room and loot everything there first before using his own room to get real close to him.

Once finished dealing with everything here, go to the currently up draw bridge and use the crank to lower it.

Note: Unsure if its possible to prevent him from turning the prisoner into a Silent Monk.

Hollow Marshes

Regardless of how you made it here, congradulations. You are finally free of Fort Joy. If any magisters remain behind you, gather your full party and go fix that. Surely they've given you enough reason to see them all dead by now.

Once finished dealing with unfinished business, return to the boat the kid brought you to the swamp on. There will be a path nearby that has a number of wierd pod things. You can teleport them, and I suggest that you do. Keep all those nasty little things FAR away from anyone in your party.

You'll eventually come to a chest surrounded by the things. One skull will tell you to open it while the rest will tell you not to since the orbs will start doing some crazy♥♥♥♥♥♥ The solution is simple. Teleport them FAR away from the heads before you open the chest. But stand in the center of where the orbs were just to be safe.

Once past that, avoid going into the ruins just yet, there are more orbs to move about first. Once they are cleared, head down the path you jsut opned up and ring the bell. Once dalogue is finished, enter the Sanctuary of Amadia. This is your Hub area now. If there are any items on any merchants back in fort joy, go liberate them but make sure you get all the gold out of them first since that doesn't stay in heir invetory when killed. The Sancuary will have its own section.

Leave the other side of the sanctuary once done there for now, and take out the lizards nearby. Once they are all down, explore the beach for some goodies. You should notice a marker signifying something on your minimap while you explore. Go and check it out and you should see the illusionary entrance to the Mysterious Cave. Go in there, its one of the easier places to get the ability Bless. Detailed out in the Mysterious Cave section.

Once done there, you should go to the Lucian Waypoint. If you haven't unlocked it yet, gather your group at the Draw Bridge and go just a bit south once you run into the Undead Merchant. From here go north to the shoreline where you should see a familiar looking witch. Go thank her for all the help she gave you on the starting boat ealier.

From here explore the rest of the beach. There is a lone source hound here, unsure of exp it gives. Not far from there should be a batch of hostile undead. Send them back to death before continuing into the marshes. Check nearby since there is a second group also blocking the other entrance to the marshes near here. Eliminate them before approaching the flaming pigs. Once you have located the flaming pigs, carefully go about blessing every last one of them. Kill the skeleton that appears afterwards (There might be some Dialogue/Persuasion rewards, unsure). When its dead you'll have the torch of Braccus from his corpse. From here make your way towards the same beach the lizards were at, and you should be assailed by Voidsent before long. Kill them all, enjoy the EXP rewards before heading to the abandoned looking building with a portal in it. Epxlore until you find yourself in a room with a gargoyle head speaking to you. Show it the ring of Braccus obtained from the Mysterious Cave and get an easy pass. (Not sure if this influencces EXP gains)

You can enter Necromancer Tower at your leisure here, and you probably should have the necromancers souljars with you as you enter. Once done return here, and search the rooms you haven't entered yet. Unsure if you can help the Historian. Once done exploring and looting, You should notice a dragon off in the distance. We're not helping him yet, but soon.

Return again to Lucian Waypoint, Go east past where the flaming pigs were and be prepared for a hard fight against the strongest voidling you've met yet. There will be half a dozen skeletons that appear out of nowhere to assist him, so try to set up out of sight of the voidling until ready to fight. Send your most survivable party member in afterwards to initiate the fight.

Once it is defeated, head north past the rat and continue until you see a dead bear and a blind magister nearby. Do not pity him because that magister was transporting a purging wand. Kill him and take that wand, it will be invaluable. Head west toward the entrance to the broken keep. Murderlize the Magisters their and fight your way to Gareth. Once he is safe and on his way, enter the tomb.

Inside the tomb will be a magister. I am not sure if blessing him will save him, or more importantly I don't know if it gives any experience even if it does. Bless the lever and the cursed blood before even attempting anything here. Once lever is blessed, use the purging wand to give your uncollared party member 1 Source from one of the magister corpses. Not like they were using their souls anyhow. Bless the big thingy as well before having your source infused person interact with it. And boom, Braccus Helmet. You'll want to you that frequently to summon the demon which you can kill with some effort.

That dealt with, exit the tomb and manage to get to the land west of the ruins. Use either the wand or helmet to kill the shrieker, tehn teleport someone from your party into the nearby foggy tower. be prepared to constantly heal them until their get all the goodies, including somethnig of Braccus's. They can escape via a set of vines. Regroup, and head to the spot where the purging wand was to regroup.

Once here, talk to the pig. Send her to the Sanctuary before continuing towards the dragon. Slane will give you a quest to deal with the witch. You should be strong enough to handle her by now so go enter the Witch's Cave. Once you manage to deal with stuff there, return and decide what you are going to do with Slane. You can kill him for EXP and keep the second purging wand, or you can give him the purging wand from the witch and he'll clear some shriekers for you in preperations for the final fight. Me personally, I like dragons so I tend to give him the wand and let him live (Besides, he may appear later on to help you beyond that in the full game).

That being done, we are approaching where I shall end this in this guide, as I do not intend to spoil anything past the final fight on the island of Fort Joy. If you have completed everything I have gone over, there shouldn't be much left to do as is. But regardless, in preperation for this Final Fight, I will have a seperate section dedicated to it.

Sanctuary of Amadia

( In Progress )

Mysterious Cave

(In Progress)

The Final Battle


So here you are. The island is a barren wasteland of the dead. You have all the gold and have finished every quest that you can. What is left to do?

Several things actually if you have left the merchants at the Sanctuary alone. You can wait and try to get the best gear possible before telling Gareth you are ready for the Battle. You can stock up on certain potions and goods. And perhaps most importantly, make sure you have all the skills you can get. Make sure your purging wand has maximum charges on it after you get all your collar-free characters some source, preferably from the corpses of magisters.

You can explore the lands you have been to, looking for anything you or I might have missed along the way.

Once you are certain there is nothing more to be done, tell Gareth you are ready. Everyone that will take part in the Final Battle in some way will move to the other path where you found the Pig Girl. Move there and again, double check and be absolutely CERTAIN that you have everything you need as there is no garentee you'll be able to get it once you initiate the fight.

If you have done all the quests, a few things can happen here. Withermoore will destroy a Source Barrier if you completed his quest. Slane will destroy ALL the Shriekers if you let him go. And a number of NPCs you helped along the way will try to help you in this battle.


The Battle Itself

Phase 1
Enter the large structure and meet Alexander there. There will be a number of Magisters around as well, including a number of high ground locations. You will need to divide and conquer here. But be absolutely sure to leave your most durable character on the ground to both survive Alexander, and what comes soon.

You should take out the additional magisters first and foremost to allow yourself as much time as possible to prepare for phase 2 as you whitle Alexander down.

Phase 2
I am unsure if this is always the case, but I had the Void Wurm appear after three turns. The same turn I defeated Alexander. The moment that thing enters the battle, things change. It can move an insane distance in a single turn, and it both can and WILL target your NPC allies if they are nearby. Put as much damage into that thing as quickly as you can as it can do some crazy amounts of damage, and will likely straight out KILL any NPC ally you have with you in one or two turns. This is why having only your most sturdy character on the ground is important. They SHOULD be able to survive a number of hits, especially if you have a mage keeping them topped off.

Before the battle ends however, loot Alexander for his unique cape.

When the wurm goes down, try to loot whatever bodies you can, but know you do not have much time to do so. Everything beyond this point I leave for you to discover. While I do title this as the 'Final Battle,' there is one more. And it is notably harder, but that is beyond where I will go with this Guide. Hopefully this has helped you obtain every little thing you could from the Early Access thus far, and Godspeed on your future travels!